VFX Fundamentals – 2 week crash course

Make Real Media is proud to announce its trademark Training Course, specially designed for non-VFX non-Technical film crew and VFX enthusiasts.  Over a period of two weeks, we give you a solid foundation on the principles and methodologies of modern day Feature Film Visual Effects industry.  This will help you better understand the capabilities and limitations of VFX and extract quality work from VFX artists by giving relevant feedback.

VFX fundamentals Chennai


Course Highlights

  • Covers a wide range of topics.
  • No prior technical knowledge necessary.
  • Taught by VFX supervisors with 5 years industry experience and Colourists.
  • Personalised guidance due to limited seats.
  • Packed with practical tips you can put to use on your next production.
  • Software agnostic.  The concepts taught in this course is applicable across all software platforms.

Who is this course for?

  • Directors, Assistant Directors, DOPs, Make Up artists and any non-VFX crew embarking on productions that require VFX.
  • Students who want to get into VFX but would like to get an overview of the industry first.
  • VFX artists looking to expand into other domains within the VFX industry.
  • General enthusiasts who want to get into the art of VFX and Animation.

Topics Covered

  • Why should directors/cinematographers know VFX?
  • What should they know about VFX?
  • VFX pipeline overview
  • Script Breakdowns
  • Storyboarding for VFX
  • Power of PreViz and Post Viz.
  • Concept art and Production design. Collaboration between Art Dept and CG.
  • Current Software and Technology overview
  • Preparing for VFX shoot.
  • On set data collection and handover to VFX. Co ordinating with VFX supervisors
  • Handling Unexpected and Unplanned VFX shots
  • Introduction to Digital Image, Formats and Image data compression
  • Introduction to Green Screen/Blue Screen work.
  • Keying and other Matte Extraction techniques and common problems and solutions.
  • 3D Basics
  • Modelling and Look Development Fundamentals
  • Lighting CG assets to match Live action plate
  • Introduction to Multipass Rendering and optimisation
  • Compositing Basics
  • Camera tracking, 2D Tracking and Matchmoving
  • Introduction to Animation Principles
  • Introduction to Motion capture and Performance Capture
  • Character and Creature works – Basics
  • Introduction to dynamics – Simulating Explosions, Crashes, Hair, Fur
  • Overview of common VFX shots and techniques – Sky replacement, Rope removal, Day for night, Set Extension, Digital Make Up, Crowd multiplication, Face replacements, Digital Make up
  • Colour Grading fundamentals
  • Introduction to Stereoscopic workflow
  • Giving effective feedback to VFX artists
  • Estimating Time frame for VFX work
  • Budgeting for VFX in your production
  • Upcoming technologies
  • Personalised guidance for student’s own projects


Course Timing

  • Monday to Saturday 9.30 AM to 1.00 PM

Course Fees

  • Rs.10,000/- Per head + GST

Enrol Now

  • Shoot a mail to contact@makerealmedia.com or call us at 8939465736 to enroll in the upcoming batch.