Make Real Media is a dedicated Animation, VFX and DI studio and Training Institute situated in Chennai CBD, India. We have successfully completed several VFX and Animation shots for Feature Films and TVCs, all to the utmost satisfaction of the Directors and Producers. Our infrastructure and talent pool lets us effortlessly adapt to varying needs of today’s Visual Effects, Animation and Graphic Design industries.

Our Training programs aimed at non-VFX industry professionals gives them an overview of the current VFX standards and tools and helps them understand the VFX pipeline and get better results from their artists.


Visual Effects

  • Pre-Production Script breakdown & Storyboarding.
  • Creative & Technical Pre-Viz.
  • Full On-Set shoot supervision.
  • Complete VFX production and delivery including 3D characters, set extensions, Matte paintings, particles, effects and motion graphics.

Edit and DI

  • Offline and Online Editing capability.
  • Seamless transition from Edit to DI with the help of experienced conformists.
  • Hassle-Free integration of VFX shots into final DI project.
  • Final delivery in variety of formats as per clients’ needs.


  • Traditional hand drawn animation
  • Clay-mation
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Flash Animation
  • 3D Animation


  • VFX training for non-VFX industry professionals
  • VFX foundations and concepts
  • Intensive short duration courses
  • Project based assistance

VFX Showreel

VFX Showreel with shots from some of our projects.  We have handled a variety of challenging shots from set extensions, fluid and particle simulations to full frame 100% CG shots.

D.I. Colour Grading Showreel

A collection of our best D.I. Colour Grading works of 2016.  All shots grading done by G.Rajarajan.  All clips belong to respective copyright owners.

Latest Work

Completed Projects

Odu Raja Odu

300+ VFX shots including Set Extension, Green Screen Work, Explosions and a 100% CG Car Chase.


465 is a horror thriller feature film. MRM completed nearly 60 VFX shots as well as design and promotional work for the film.

The Catalyst

The Catalyst

The Catalyst is a 2016 short film directed by the talented Vaishnavi Sundar.  MRM handled the colour grading and VFX work for this project.

Book Cover Design

Chaos Republic

Book cover artwork design by Make Real Media.

Lime Soda Films

Logo Design for Lime Soda Films

Rishton ki Mehtaas

MRM completed DI work for this short film by the Ministry of Health.

Transformers 2D Animation

Internal training video for Standard Chartered Bank.  Concept and Script provided by client Madras Market.  Storyboarding, Character Design and Animation by Make Real Media.

Thagiduthatham Movie


Thagiduthatham is a feature length Thriller.  MRM completed nearly 50 VFX shots and an elaborate 2D title animation sequence.

Unearthing the Treasurs of Ariyalur

Unearthing The Treasures of Ariyalur

Make Real Media teamed up with Vaishnavi Sundar of Lime Soda Films and Nirmukta for this awesome documentary on the fossils of Ariyalur

Product Visualisation

Product design and Visualisation for Wallace Enterprises


Feature Film directed by Chand.R.C.  MRM completed DI work for the project.

A Moment

Short film directed by Rohit James.  MRM completed DI work for the trailer.


Aage Jake Left is a documentary film by Vaishnavi Sundar of Lime Soda Films.  MRM completed the DI work for the project.


Powerful Workstations

We provide our artists with the state of the art computers so they can concentrate on making great art rather than troubleshooting their system.  Responsive computers and ultra-fast render times makes artists happy and helps deliver projects faster.

Edit and DI Suites

Any colorist will feel at home at our Da Vinci Resolve grading suite.  With colour accurate monitors and powerful finishing software, your project will get the best color treatment there is.  Combined with our full featured editing systems, your can experience your project in all its cinematic glory.

Efficient Pipeline

Our high speed NAS storage and network allows us to have a disaster proof data and project management system in place.  What’s more, it is flexible enough to accommodate a diverse range of projects.

Cozy and inviting office

For great works of art to happen, you need to create a great work atmosphere.  Our office is designed with the artist’s needs in mind.  The lines between work and play are truly dimmed once you step into our office.

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